Data Licensing Services

Data Licensing Services have become a crucial element for companies and businesses of all sizes. We recognise that, data is the way forward in today’s marketing industry. With the tremendous rise in technology leading to increased competition, marketers are embracing the need for true data that is not only clean, accurate, and verified, but secure and authorised as well. As a trusted data partner, SLN Solutions LLC ensures data of the highest quality to aid your brand building process.

    Give Practical Insights to Your Data with Our Data Licensing Service

    The premium B2B Data Licensing service from SLN Solutions provides safe access to the most accurate data. Our Data Licensing opens the possibilities of reselling, adds verification processes while reducing data acquisition and retention expenses. As a data licensor, we address issues related to data maintenance, control, security policy, protocols and practices, especially where data is confidential, personal, financial, technical, or other information.

    Benefits of Our Data Licensing Service

    Check out how our data licensing service benefits b2b marketers in different possible ways:

    • Maximize the value of your b2b databases.
    • Navigate and identify target markets through secure access.
    • Flexibility in database management.
    • Customizable data sets that suit your unique requirements.
    • Renew or upgrade your license easily with few steps.
    • Frequent quality checks provided by our team of data experts.
    • Reach out to your customers on a large scale through data purchase option.
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    With SLN Solutions’ Data Licensing Process

    At SLN Solutions, we cover all the attributes which are required for flexible Data Licensing Service. At every stage of data licensing, we follow stringent process to ensure compliance with the GDPR, CAN-SPAM laws, and other regulations. We facilitate b2b marketers with customized database that covers name, job-title, company name, employee size, geographical locations, and more. Furthermore, we use multi-party levels to generate an extensive database that promotes your company’s products and services with scalable, customizable and trusted data.

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