Business Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious issue, not only for individuals, but also for businesses. Business identity theft occurs when suspects act as a company’s owners, officers, or staff to illegally get cash, credit, and loans, leaving the debts to the victim company.

Nearly 16.7 million people were identified as victims of identity theft last year. According to the National Cybersecurity Society (NCSS), there was also a 46 percent rise in the number of recorded cases of business identity theft. Even, SLN Solutions LLC has faced allegations of deliberate misrepresentation in recent years as an associate of our business by impersonating our company name using various extension domain names, such as,,,, and more.

SLN Solutions LLC is neither acquired nor has subsidiary firms, partners that are permitted on our behalf to do business. If you recognise any internet fraud, inform us and immediately stop all interactions with those people.

If you have received false calls or received any emails that match the “” domain, but not us, please report the same to the respective cybersecurity organisations and do not hesitate to call us on our helpline number +1 919 651 4626

Here are Some of the General Guidelines for Identifying These Business Identity Thefts:

  • The only official site to communicate with us is
  • Please ensure that your communications and transactions are coordinated only through authorised email addresses ending with ****
  • We encourage you to be an informed buyer and to stop being a victim of online fraud.