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Beat the retreat: How to write an email to CFO


The key to effective Chief Financial Officer involvement is drip irrigation. Never would you water a plant with a large bucket and then neglect it for a year. You must make sure your plant receives the ideal amount of water gradually if you want it to grow successfully.

Yes, it may be tempting to draught a seven-paragraph email that covers every aspect of your business that a professional could want to know. However, verbose and unfocused communication will undoubtedly result in a CFO engagement effort that is doomed from the start, just as a single bucket of water will undoubtedly result in a dead plant.

do your homework

There is absolutely NO justification for not doing your research before you write an email to CFO. Spend some time learning about your prospect. Use what you’ve learned to show them that you’re a real person who is interested in their particular problems and troubles. Your finest opportunity to capture their interest is right now.

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Be short and direct, and make sure they always want more.

These are busy individuals. Offer one tidbit of wise advice (based on your hook, above). After that, ask them if they want to leave after learning more. Your intention should be to leave them wondering what else you have to give that is worthwhile.

Follow up in a considerate manner

Give them some time to reflect on what you’ve stated before gradually adding more pertinent information while you write an email to CFO. Keep abreast of company news in order to find fresh hooks to incorporate into the following emails. Your contacts will eventually start to believe that you are sincere about wanting to know how you can help their business grow, which will make you deserving of a response.

Tips to avoid when you write an email to CFO

Stay on topic.

Make your boss or coworker’s life a little bit better because time is money. Put the most crucial information at the top of the email, in other words. Write a draught of your email before editing it, according to experts, to prevent rambling. Emails longer than one or two short paragraphs are typically considered to be too long.

Avoid humour.

We all enjoy a good laugh at work, but keep in mind that emails are prone to misinterpretation.

Even in person, sarcasm can be misinterpreted, but when communicating by email, where there is no eye contact and no tone of voice, it is even more likely to be missed, says Beohm.

Additionally, trying to be humorous could land you in serious legal jeopardy.

Verify your attachments again

Please spare a few extra seconds to copy and paste the file into the email body when you attach one. By saving the recipient’s time and minimising the danger of them opening attachments, this demonstrates consideration for them. For you, does this take extra time? Yes. Is it worthwhile? Yes.