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Top Lead Generation Strategies For IT Firms

Technology continues to advance with the pace of development and so is business. While here we talk about the IT firms that provide countless opportunities to aspiring startups and entrepreneurs. The sector advances so do the competition, and providing and working upon new strategies is essential for generating potential customers or extensively known as Lead generation in the business industry.

Lead generation requires practical experience and knowledge. Thus analyzing new options and placing the right strategy is crucial for attracting qualified leads and a reliable lead generation strategy.

For innovative firms like tech, building a lead can be challenging. The majority of firms focus on disruption and identification of a group that is likely to get converted into a lead. Firms must be ready to perform and build genuine prospect relationships.

Why is Lead Generation For Technological Companies Is Important?

Importance Of Lead Generation For IT Firms | SLN-Solutions

For gaining a long-term connection to gain potential customers and trust of customers while giving them access to your IT service.

To achieve a goal and seek the right solutions and gather information from credible sources.

For maximizing the profit and seeking the best results even from simper methods such as direct mail marketing, cold calling, and influencer marketing

In order to expand and deliver services to a larger audience included in the technological industry.

Generating revenue from the conversion of lead to a potential customer is crucial in order to stay at the top in the competitive market, no matter how improved your IT services are.

The most crucial thing that firms often tend to neglect is establishing a level of trust and staying connected with your converted leads. No matter how big the authority is, providing unique services and content based on their requirements and demands brings new leads at a faster pace.

Making your prospect feel like they have an exclusive membership in a club makes lead generation a positive customer experience. – Eric Bower

Analyzing and implementing accurate methods for generating leads is important if an IT firm wants to grow and provide services that are used by a wider audience.

However, generating and driving conversion leads is hard in the field of the IT industry as it is filled with distinct unique challenges that one needs to cover.

Do you want to make your lead generation effective? Here are some top lead generation metrics to measure your marketing success.

Top Lead Generation Strategies for IT Firms

1. Building and implementing the best landing pages

The first and foremost thing for technology lead generation is to motivate and influence people to take action.  Whether online or offline, landing pages play a huge role in getting your service a click and establishing new leads. These Landing pages are built specifically for your firm and the product or service you want to promote.

In fact, 68% of B2B businesses use strategic landing pages to garner new sales leads.

Typical Lead Conversion Campaign | SLN-Solutions

The initial step involves making a design that highlights your firm perfectly, picking the service or product you want to get clicked on the most. The service or product must be unique and useful for the audience for generating leads.

While making a landing page, make sure that it includes an interactive form in the means of the document where visitors can submit their names, email if and other primary information needed.

The landing page must be linked to your website as it captures the maximum attention of visitors. Your website becomes the digital identity for your company that must be designed well. Making a captivating website linked to your landing pages helps visitors to go in-depth about your services and firm without spending much of their time.

Your landing pages should allow a smooth browsing experience with fewer pop-ups and third-party access. It must be optimized well and fast.

They must be well linked to your campaign service which is being promoted for better lead generation.

Some Things To Keep In Mind While Designing A Landing Page For Your Campaign

1. Establishing a single objective
2. Designing a landing page design relevant to the campaign and website
3. Focusing on one rather than a hundred services.
4. Making a bold and captivating headline.
5. Using the right template colors.
6. Ensuring relevance into the content.
7. Using short and precise sentences, followed by CTA.
8. Adding links to your services and products that are relevant to the specific campaign.
9. Using two-step sign up.
10. Framing FAQs for better interaction and understanding for visitors.
11. Limit pop-ups and third-party access to save time for visitors and offer a fast browser optimization experience.

2. Provide Free Trials

Free Trial | SLN-Solutions

Everyone loves free things, be it a garment or a service. However, no one wants to buy a service or product without giving it a try. Free trial not only allows them to test services but also makes sure that the visitor is getting converted into a potential customer.

From clothing stores to tech companies, free trials are crucial in order to gain the trust of visitors and provide them with the right product or service.

Once the visitors know how useful the service is to them, they will make a purchase in no time.

While making a landing page, make sure that your free trial service is marked bold and big for visitors to capture attention. After which they can opt for what trial plan they want to go with in order to confirm purchase of your product or service.

Benefits of Providing Free Trials

Expanding the reach to potential customers by providing a free run on the landing pages. This prepares a verification for lead conversion and increases the chances of getting reliable feedback.

Faster optimization

 Free trials allow visitors to make a long-term connection after they are satisfied with the service.

Offering long-term use can increase revenue from prospects and provide a higher chance of gathering potential buyers.

Offer free trials

Providing free trials services also makes sure that customers are not worried about spending a huge amount of money.

Allowing flexible payment options for leads is a great way in order to avoid this fear, for example, providing monthly and yearly payments with fair discounts capture visitors’ attention.

Provide cancellation for free trials

For a better user experience and gaining trust, it is always crucial to provide cancellation of the free trial. This reduces the risk and provides them with a sense of security.

Once they are done with the trial, they may or may not want to continue with the purchase. Allow them to opt for any service they want, building a genuine connection.

3. Marketing Through Interactive Video Content

Videos provide interaction to users and make it easy for them to understand your services and products. Video marketing is powerful, flexible, and is proven as the most effective source for creating leads.

Unique video content that portrays your service and product along with its use and process enables buyers and visitors to grab maximum information, making lead conversion faster.

According to Optinmonster, video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year (Optinmonster, 2019). Source

Video Marketing AS A Lead Generation Channel | SLN-Solution

Covering video marketing, a short precise video explaining your service, while focusing more on its delivery outcome keeps visitors hooked while increasing the chances of lead conversion turning into a potential prospect.

Video content is considered more useful than a long blog as psychology says that multimedia content is easy to grab and understand.

While combining this phenomenon with marketing, the lead generation process becomes quicker and effective.

However, while implementing the methods of video marketing, it is crucial to remember the following measures.

– A short and precise video content is considered the most effective

-Frame the content, including pain points of the targeted leads

-Keep video content engaging and creative

-Avoid long-form descriptions

-Include more graphics and illustrations

-Use bold and colorful templates

-Focus on service outcome rather than detailed descriptions of firms

-Finally, build an impressive campaign.

To get the most qualified leads, it’s important to practice lead nurturing. Implementation of the right and best lead nurturing tactics will help to generate sales revenue and keep things running smoothly.

4. Organize Webinars

Not every bit of information can be portrayed through landing pages, blogs, and videos. Build an interactive with your leads by hosting webinars.

Webinars not only convey information about every service and product but also educates potential prospects and leads, building them an interest in your company and service.

Framing online campaigns and events, lives, social media campaigns, and meetings increase the chances of getting potential leads.

Portraying your firm and services in the right way can capture the attention of buyers as well as prospects, which can influence them to invest in your service, product, or even your firm’s website.

In fact, 73% of B2B marketers say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads.

73% B2B Marketers | SLN-Solutions

Organizing events a week before and sharing campaign pages to different social media platforms is crucial. However, following up with the new leads and keeping them engaged through communicating and networking is one of the most crucial steps for lead generation.

Choosing the right topic for your webinars is also an important step. List down a bunch of services, products, campaigns, or any other related topic you want your audience to know about.

Frame a series of events, managing and discussing one topic at a time. This will keep your audience hooked into knowing more about the particular subject. After which, following up with the lead becomes easier as they consume every bit of your informative webinars.

Delivering valuable and quality content should be started by making registration for your online event. While attractive people attend it, highly targeted leads for your brands are then quicker to network with. Here Direct Mail marketing can also come into use and will become highly effective for targeting potential leads.


Builds genuine connection and provides user satisfaction

Hosting webinars are a great way in order to gather exposure and showcase industry-based skills. The more you portray your services and industry, the more the audience will get engaged, building networks and trust.

This also promotes a sense of trust as firms provide 100% user satisfaction. Intending to influence and impress your leads, webinars enable healthy discussion and build more genuine connections.

Offering facilities such as free guides and discounts for regular webinar attendees will significantly increase the number of attendees in the following webinars. This keeps lead hooks as your firm provides regular services to them.

Webinars are easiest to organize

Organizing webinars do not require a long-form of lead generation tactics. The day you start promoting your events, the more leads will get attracted.

The first and foremost step for building an effective webinar is to search and plan for topics and details you want to talk about. It can be your service, firms, upcoming events, new changes, and more.

Once you are done with information gathering and planning your targeted audience, email marketing comes into work. Firms can start sending emails with details about the webinars at least a week before. Sharing blogs and related details of free trials can also work effectively, making your email marketing game stronger and quicker.

A quicker way to confirm potential leads

Potential leads will stick to the very end of your webinars session. With this, your firm will get to know how many people are willing to become your potential leads.

Following up with these targeted audiences through some questions at the end of the webinar is also a great way to confirm your potential buyers or prospects.

Performing surveys like this help firms to analyze the interest area of their leads and other audiences too. Another method is to lead your customers into your landing pages, providing a quicker path to follow up with your firm’s services. 

5. Influencer Marketing

Aligning your services and products with influencer marketing helps the audience to understand its worth more. Reaching out to influencers of the same niche and promoting service firms online enables the audience to display interest, opinions, and more feedback.

This method alone can create a huge demand for your essentials online and offline. Influencer marketing is booming and is proven to be an effective form for generating leads.

In fact, 41% of marketers that curate content indicate it has increased the number and/or quality of their sales-ready leads.

Influencer marketing starts by pairing up with social media bloggers or influencers who belong to the same industry as yours. Famous influencers have their own set of audience planned and engaged, providing relevant services to them will not only build your audience but will also benefit influencers as well.

Their audience will be highly engaging and similar to yours, so will show remarkable interest in your organization.

These influencers will review and portray your product or service through multimedia content or in the form of a blog. Then their audience will follow up with the same which will end up with newly generated traffic onto your landing pages and website.

While reaching out to influencers, you must make sure that they belong to the same niche as yours. Also defining and analyzing the audience before making a deal is crucial as plenty of influencers nowadays are occupied with fake followers and insights.

Challenges Faced By IT Firms During Lead Generation | SLN-Solutions

Challenges Faced By IT Firms During Lead Generation

1. Not Targeting The Right Audience

One of the most common challenges for IT firms while lead generation is targeting the wrong audience. It begins when the firm is unable to identify and analyze the right audience for them.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

– Peter Drucker

Time and again, IT firms often neglect to familiarize their potential and skills based on their buyer personas which end up targeting some unacceptable crowd.

Advertising plans and events can turn out to be excessively expensive, attracting leads that aren’t qualified matches with your business. Except if you know what your optimal client’s problem areas are, you’re not going to have the option to target them successfully.

Until you analyze what your client’s pain points are, you’re not going to have the option to target them successfully.


By confining your possible clients through unfinished information and improper engagement, then, at that point almost certainly, your group isn’t working with a client-driven attitude by the same token.

Lead generation possibly works in case you’re centered around your crowd and their requirements, not simply flaunting how it is you can help the world. They need to know how you can help them. A typical test comes from adjusting the need to sell with the need to offer some benefit.

3. Lack of Communications And Engagement With Leads

Lack of communication and involvement with the audience and leads is the number one cause of why you are not able to gather potential leads. The present market has a sharp spotlight on building connections and being in contact with organizations.

Indeed, even in profoundly big IT firms, where communication is challenging, there ought to be a clear and steady commitment among you and the client.

However, it is normal for a website to not ensure 100% communication with leads, industry-based obstacles and an unclear presentation of your firm can result in a slower lead generation process.

It is crucial for IT firms to develop regular follow up, FAQs, email communication, and webinars to keep their audience hooked and engaged till they get converted into a potential customer or prospects.

Wrapping Up

No matter what business you’re in, our tactics will definitely help you to have enough buyers for your business. So, make sure that you implement your lead generation strategy on the right track to keep your sales pipeline full.

Are you still not sure which tactic works best for your technology company? SLN Solutions can assist you. If you want to know about lead generation tips and techniques to generate sales. Read our content here.