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Guide To Effective Email Marketing in Real Estate

Guide To Effective Email Marketing | SLN-Solutions

As a realtor, are you thinking of growing your client base through email marketing? Well, in the era where consumers check their inbox emails 20 times a day, email marketing is one and only the part of marketing that surpass the others.

But how can you use email marketing to find potential leads and stand out in the competition? For real estate marketers, it’s important to nurture customers, earn their trust and try to push buyers to make a buying decision. Using email marketing techniques, you can reach more audiences and retain customers.

“Real Estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values, and the least risk.”

In this article, we’ll explain how you can use email marketing in the real estate industry to attach more customers, grow your network and find more success with customers. Before we proceed further, let’s understand the concept of email marketing.

About Email Marketing

About Email Marketing | SLN-Solutions


The use of emails in order to advertise and market a product and a service, by connecting and building strong networks is termed email marketing. It is widely used in the present generation due to its efficiency and customer-influencing mark. Email Marketing grabs potential customers through direct mail to their accounts.

Made-up mail contains all the necessary information required in order to convert a lead into a potential customer. Email marketing is rising today as it builds some of the most amazing perks such as direct responses from customers, positive feedbacks, direct connectivity, and more.

As per Campaign Monitor, marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.

Through direct email marketing, the mail is sent electronically rather than a postal service, which makes it easy for the customer to access the visibility and go through each detail thoroughly before using the particular service or product. Not only cold mails, but this amazing technology also deals with other forms of digital marketing such as advertisements in the form of blogs, websites, social media platforms, video marketing, and more.

From B2B industries to real estate, email marketing is in high demand because of its versatility to perform newsletters, recent updates, building sales promotions, and also transmit general messages to a big community in a single click.

An efficient mark of digital advertisement, email marketing tops the list with its unmatched features of connecting with millions of people at the same time. Eliminating the continuous and long amount of workflow, a single mail with all the necessary content can be sent to a particular team or a big corporation in no time.

How Do Emails Work For Marketing Products And Services?

Email Marketing for Products and Services | SLN-Solutions

An email marketing campaign can be utilized in the form of newsletters containing the latest updates or launches of your product or service. From real estate agencies to B2B, direct messages or landing pages work progressively through this form of digital marketing.

Not only services updates, but one can also send links to their social media handles, briefing them about your corporation and its work. This will hook your leads to analyze and look through your company highlights.

Accessible, affordable, and quick, email marketing is one of the greatest methods of performing trade online. Not only is it inexpensive, but also a great and direct way to advertise yourself to a targeted set audience.

Perks Of Email Marketing:

  1. Helps you build a targeted potential audience rate
  2. Increase networks and connectivity
  3. High visibility rate
  4. Direct feedback and suggestions from the customer.

For an influencing and progressive email, one needs to keep in mind the following factors-

  1. Audience

Before creating mail content, make sure whom you are targeting through your product or service. Customized mails work 50 times better than general direct messages. Not only for building customer trust, but it also helps you convert these leads into potential customers in a short period.

  1. CTA (Call-To-Action)

The cherry on top!

Call to action is as crucial as your product or service highlights. This must contain a link to what the leader has to perform next after reading about your campaign or services. In the case of a landing page, always attach a link to the particular service, allowing your lead to buy or access it as soon as possible.

Allowing its potential leads to walking through a hassle-free process of buying services, email marketing is descriptive and is tailored for the marketing audience. One can perform simple techniques to generate mortgage leads through direct mail marketing.

Introduction to Real Estate Industry

Introduction To Real Estate Industry | SLN-Solutions

A business that deals with property in different forms, which is from land to buildings and utility systems are termed as the real estate business. It contains and deals with property rights that give ownership of land or other resources. India’s real estate sector is on the path to becoming a $1 trillion industry by 2030, said ministry of housing and urban affairs (MoHUA) secretary, DS Mishra.


Types of Real Estate:

 1. Residential Properties

Real estate deals with the buying and selling of residential areas such as housing for families and individuals, buildings, apartments, student accommodations, businesses spaces, vacant property, complex properties, etc. One of the most common and popular types of real estate, the business keeps on rising with the current pace of development as more and more people are looking for either homes, apartments, or vacant properties to experiment.

Did you know? Nearly 80% of those Americans aged 65 and older owned homes in 2021.

2. Land Property

A baseline for all types of property, land properties denotes vacant or undeveloped land which when combined with other forms of property results in an effective business.

3. Industrial Properties

Corporations looking for settling up their new warehouse, production house, or labor production space look for these kinds of properties. They involve factories, construction, transportation, production, and mechanical.

4. Commercial Properties

Properties such as malls, complexes, hotels, stores, offices, medical centers, small businesses, etc. come under the category of commercial properties that are now utilized extensively for improving visibility.

How Is Email Marketing Linked With The Real Estate Industry?

Email Marketing Linked With Real Estate Industry | SLN-Solutions

Through email marketing, real estate businesses have a greater chance to connect with their customers, explain their properties, other services, a chance to capture more leads, and further close more high-paying deals.

For example, magic bricks deal with flats, student accommodations, housing areas, and more. Once a person registers for an account, he/she will be able to access regular mails from the organization. These emails are beneficial for customers as they contain information such as new properties, vacancies, housing options, new updates, and more.

This is a great example of direct mail marketing. One needs to adopt strategic methods and segments to deliver services that are valuable and target a specific group or community.

“Content is the key”

The more value and information your mails hold, the more trust you will be able to gain with customers. The real estate industry must gain user trust in order to sell services. Email campaigns are also a great way to build connections by sending personal and customized messages automatically while you are busy at other work.

Statistics show that 87% of marketers use email marketing for content distribution.

Organic Content Distribution Channel | SLN-Solution

With the advancement in technology, the world has shifted towards the digital marketing age, in the current generation real estate works through email marketing for their growth. Through emails, they can send multimedia content depicting the property, its features, and other major segments required for the customer to know.

This enables leads to analyze all major factors at once, and the process of lead conversion to potential clients becomes easier and faster.

Not only multimedia content but other forms of content such as blogs, social media links, news updates, push notifications, special features can be transferred to a large set of targeted audiences in no time.

Real Estate Email Campaign Ideas:

Real Estate Email Campaign Ideas | SLN-Solutions

  1. Share Essentials – Real estate needs to keep this in mind while forming emails, always share useful information such as maintenance tips for gutters, wood floors, lawns, etc. This will build client trust.
  2. Push Notifications – Regular updates about events, seminars, new properties, keep your customer hooked.
  3. Follow marketing trends – Promotion and collaborating with other businesses, sharing relative information such as house sales, price, etc. drive email sharing.
  4. Organize Seminars – Connect with an audience online for connectivity, not only the audience but with other working professionals in the field of real estate.
  5. Sales – For regular customers, provide incentives, an overview of services, testimonials, feedback, and other bonus points.


Working through email marketing, a real estate agent needs to focus on networking and maintaining a healthy relationship with other businesses as well as benefit the community. Following the digital work strategies, the maximum conversation is done online via emails. Email marketing is quick, easy, and a fast way of influencing leads too.

Email content must contain signup forms that enable leads to start a conversation online immediately after registering. Real estate agents need to perform regular monitoring to keep a check on engagement and work according to feedback.

Email marketing helps real estate to establish a brand, an identity that is influencing and authentic among the community. Messaging marketing enables a one-on-one direct conversation with potential leads. One can show their branding and convincing power for new subscribers through this type of online marketing.

 “Personalized content will make build your customer trust”

For small-scale real estate agents or brokers, direct email marketing requires no additional team or resources. It is smart and can automate your general and traditional emails.

For realtors, search for an apparatus that offers detailed division prospects. By sectioning your supporters, you’re ready to tag and gather them together. With these gatherings, you can send customized messages that impeccably fit the client’s circumstance and provide 100% user satisfaction with genuine and reliable feedback.

Mail Evokes Emotion | SLN-Solutions

Email Marketing And The Real Estate Industries In The Present Generation

Real Estate and Email Marketing In Present Generation | SLN-Solutions


Being a competitive industry, real estate educator Tom Ferry stated that 87% of agents leave the industry within five years. The reason behind this is the competitive and earning scales. Most agents are not able to adapt strategic methods for lead conversion and networking.

While networking and strategy are the keys for real estate industries in email marketing, one must also stay on top of their mind to generate new ideas, follow market trends, and stay ahead of others.

While Designing An Email As A Real Estate Agent, Keep In Mind The Following Guidelines

1. Follow the right timing with the right set of audience

At what time the email is sent is as crucial as deciding the right audience. Before you gather your services into an email, always look for a specific posting time that will allow maximum engagement to you. Know when your customer wants to look for a property and shoot your shot.

This factor applies to push notifications such as property updates, newsletters too that do not overwhelm your customers.

2. Update mail ideas – the creativity factor

Apart from newsletters, include entertaining emails such as local events, new property ideas, housing options, guides, and more. This type of content will make your customers hooked, while they enjoy both informative and creative content.

3. Update email list regularly

Real estate email marketing involves tracking down customer engagement and updating the list regularly. This will not only provide variations but will also increase networks, chances of getting potential leads, and more.


Wrapping Up

As we all know that buying a home is a big decision for homeowners. Before making a decision, customers find real estate agents to make the right choice for them. As real estate agents, they’ve to keep in contact with their customers in order to make a sale. Agents can make use of email campaigns to reach out to more audiences and increases sales and revenue. That’s why email marketing is so important.

If you’re a real estate marketer and haven’t used email marketing yet, then get ready to know about it and effective ways of how can you generate sales in your real estate business using email marketing.