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B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation Tactics


We often overlook telemarketing, and sometimes it puckers your brow because sometimes it’s very annoying. But when telemarketing for lead generation is done correctly, it assists you in generating good sales opportunities.

You might be thinking about whether or not telemarketing lead generation is worth it or not when you become an effective telemarketer and take all the proper steps. In this article, you will know about all practical tips, tools, and strategies to reach your goal of lead generation through telemarketing.

 Overview of Telemarketing Lead Generation

In simple words, telemarketing lead generation is generating lead with the help of telemarketing. It mainly involves cold calling, face-to-face discussions, and emails. It’s primarily when customers are called for the very first time without knowing whether they are interested in the product or not.

What results you get through telemarketing might vary, but the approach is direct and instantaneous. The most incredible hitch to this lead generation approach is maximum people hang up the telemarketers as they find them quite annoying.

Sell (service or product) as if you are buying it, convince yourself first that, it is worth buying.

It is very simple; u 'cannot' convince someone till the time you're not convinced.


Is choosing telemarketing for B2B businesses worth it?

Absolutely, YES. Here’s why:

  • The connection you develop with your customer through telemarketing is not that strong as plain messaging or email marketing.
  • Telemarketing offers a very personal and shared approach.
  • Telemarketing assists in successfully reaching consumers.
  • Through telemarketing, it’s easy to remain in touch with the customers and carry out further follow-ups.
  • Telemarketing generate qualified leads that enhance sales.
  • During training, telemarketers are taught how to approach consumers with a proper tone of voice, good attitude, and company awareness.
  • Telemarketers represent your business or company through these calls, and while speaking to your customers, you will feel assured that they are placing their best efforts in every call.

In fact, under Fortune 500 companies almost 60% of marketing managers say telemarketing is “Very Effective” for leads and customer outreach.

Now that you know why you should select telemarketing for lead generation.

Tips to follow for productive telemarketing lead generation

  1. It would help if you had a lot of research: It’s necessary to do proper research about your target market, type, size, and anything you think is essential for outreaching. Do not make the mistake of studying just everything.

Be specific, select a target market and then start researching them. Prepare a strong strategy for approaching your consumers.

Make use of various filters to choose the leads you want to reach. This might sound irrational, but, indeed, you can easily find leads that will match the following things like

A company belongs to the financial service or banking sector.

Who has more than ten employees?

Who is using Hubspot?

Spending money on Adwords.

Who at present has job openings for marketing assistance.

  1. Create a strong bond with your consumers

At first, try to find out your customer’s name, listen to them appropriately. It shows that you are giving importance to their needs and requirements. Usually, consumers love those who communicate with them properly and talk casually and politely. Try to maintain professionalism even if it is hard to maintain.

Consumers often take telemarketing as an annoying call, therefore you must have a big heart to accept no from them. Customers who have a good experience will return, for which it is vital to maintain a strong rapport.

  1. Utilize a good script:prepare a script that functions well. Unprepared calls never work well, so ensure you have prepared a good script that you can follow.
    Moreover, do not forget to practice the prepared writing, listen to it well and think of it from the consumer’s perspective. Make use of script just as a base for your call but do not depend on it entirely.

Each customer is different, for which many of them will deviate from the prepared script, and that is entirely okay. Try to be very creative, discuss with co-workers and friends, and they will assist you in gauging the flow of the call.

  1. Deal with bad calls: Telemarketing will not always go smooth, sometimes you have to encounter bad calls. Never take it personally and focus on the next call. Try to learn from the bad experience and be better next time.
  2. Always remain prepared: Besides preparing a good script and doing proper research, the most important thing is preparing yourself intensely. Take all things you require, do adequate research on consumers, the company, and what it offers.

Ensure you know them better, and when you face unexpected situations, you can handle them in a better way.

When you are adequately prepared, you will feel more confident. Leave your anxiousness behind by practicing your script well. Breathe in and try to stay calm.

  Know about the use of ERP software for lead generation telemarketing

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, is one of the all in one software utilized by various businesses for organizing and managing daily activities. This software helps in the effective management of finances, projects, etc.

In some cases, telemarketers might overlook some of the vital details, and the management of excel sheets containing consumer data can be perplexing. ERP software helps in tracking customer data easily.

ERP software offers data privacy. Personal and private data are required in telemarketing, and safe storing is essential.ERP software data privacy does not allow competitors to hold any data. This software can be used in several departments like financing, sales, and marketing, consumer and client bond, manufacturing, etc.

Telemarketers can sometimes overlook important details, managing several excel sheets with customer information can be confusing at times. With ERP, it is easier to track a customer’s data.

Here are a few industries that can utilize ERP platforms for the benefit of their organization:

  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Retail industry
  • Construction
  • Professional services
  • Healthcare industry

Have a look at how an ERP system benefits several industries:

  • Complete visibility:A ERP software gives easy access to all vital business processes to allow data from all departments to be accessible to you and your other members of management.
  • Enhances reporting and planning:With an ERP suite integrated into all of your departments, your organization gets a single and united reporting system for all processes.
    Because of this, the ERP system can easily create meaningful reports and analytics within no time. With this software, you can also analyze and compare all functions in all departments without using several emails and spreadsheets.
  • It offers reliable modularity:ERP software is available with various applications that you can execute together per your specific requirements. Each of the applications is crafted to sustain alone and can also be incorporated with the more extensive suite.
    This helps your company an opportunity to pick up and select which of the components will work best and leave out what you do not want.
  • It helps enhance effectiveness:An ERP software will decrease the amount of time and effort your workforce needs for carrying out day-to-day activities. And if perfectly executed, an ERP solution removes repetitive manual processes, and your team members can focus on other revenue-based works.
  • Consumer service offers your sales team the capability to emphasize constructing and upholding consumer relationships rather than focusing on spreadsheets.Drawbacks of ERP system
  • Investing in traditional ERP software might lead to more expenses as the cost of the license is very high. For a small or medium-sized business, the price of the software is also high.
  • Even after buying the software and its license, the cost of its execution process and maintenance is also higher.
  • Personalizing your software for meeting your company’s requirements needs a lot of time, effort, money, and expertise.
  • If you want to use ERP efficiently, you and your team need much training. It is because an ERP system is a complex process.
    Now the essential question: How do you use the best quality telemarketing lead generation ways?

If you want to increase the value of your leads and enhance sales, you have to do the following things:

  • Make use of the best marketing strategy:With so many methods available, you have to choose those that suit your business needs. Always have meaningful plans and approaches that you will implement with your team.
  • Utilize lead scoring:Lead scoring means grading the interest level of the lead and the sales keenness depending on the methodology settled by the sales and marketing. Companies can easily score or grade leads in various ways by allocating points and executing rankings such as hot, warm or cold.
  • Obligate to fostering leads:lead nurturing means developing relationships with competent prospects irrespective of when to purchase their decision to gain their trust. Studies show that companies excelling in information enabling can generate 50% more sales with low cost per lead compared to other companies.
  • Develop a loop for marketing sales feedback: A healthy communication between sales and the marketing team is essential, especially for B2B companies with long and complicated sales cycles. B2B marketers cannot wait till the completion of the sale to assess the lead quality as the data becomes old and can’t be used for managing a real-time lead generating program.

By reporting to close the loop, the marketing team can send more data to sales, and then sales, in turn, offers feedback and the sales activity reports to the marketing team.

Some of the best practices to be followed for B2C Lead Generation

Effective lead generation is what many businesses opt for, through inbound marketing, a few strategies are mentioned below which can be incorporated to generate leads :

  1. Marketing through content management

A lot of content usually engages the right audience and keeps them interested in your business. thus, providing enough value to the targets to move to land pages of the business website.

How does good quality content drive customers?

  • Attracts targeted audience
  • Engage customers and attract them to provide their contact information
  • Helps marketers nurture leads
  • Promotes brand and social sharing, which brings trust and more leads
  1. Good Website

The company’s website should be made in such a way that it serves as a lead generation tool in itself. Content posted elsewhere should drive people to your site.

Implement effective SEO strategies to hold the attention of your customers as soon as visitors hit your landing page.

  • You can ask them to fill forms that are easily filled in order to nurture your leads.
  • Provide a blog that holds their attention and serves as a piece of great information.
  • Engage them with visuals or videos
  1. Create  Email Lists

When visitors have already signed up for your mailing list, try to use those leads in your email campaigns.

  • Build relationships with existing subscribers
  • Provide shareable content t
  • Give share buttons to your subscribers within each email
  1. Endorse SMS Marketing  

SMS marketing is an effective strategy to attract customers. It helps recipients respond fast. if you have your lead’s phone number send a quick message of some news or offer along with a link to the landing page

  1. Utilize Your Landing Pages effectively

Optimize your landing page depending on your inbound lead.

  • Connect with your visitor
  • Make your offer attractive
  • Deliver what you promised

do not forget to include a privacy statement or guarantees that might generate more trust.

  1. Scale-up Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing helps build relationships and shares. It also serves as an effective tool for lead generation as it ultimately drives traffic to your site, landing page, and website content.

Create content that is humorous, inspirational, which provides a value of some sort. Choose the platforms carefully based upon the research and post at the right times.

What are the benefits of Telemarketing Lead Generation?

Telemarketing can boost your business tremendously if properly utilized. The method has proved to be an efficient method for acquiring realistic and significant business contacts.

Listed below are some of the advantages of incorporating Telemarketing lead generation:

  1. Minimizes  Operational Costs

Telemarketing is a cost-effective method for businesses. It helps businesses

  • Generate leads, promote and sell products and services.
  • It is also an affordable option for intimating the customers on various news, carrying out primary and secondary market research and survey, and many other important processes used in the business.
  1. It Helps to Boosts Your Sales

Telemarketing enables the selling of any products or services efficiently. with the application of the right telemarketing techniques, you can boost up your sales and observe exponential growth in your business.

research studies have illustrated that a 1% of cold calls done can convert leads into appointments. And, 78% percent of Key opinion leaders have made an appointment or even attended an event because of an email or cold call.


  1. Interactive customer sales and service

Telemarketing helps you create an instant friendly relationship with your prospect especially when there are sales representatives taking care of calls and not chatbots. customers are able to build their trust when they speak with you and are directly answered.

Moreover, as a marketer, you can get an idea of the prospect’s personality and understand the potential clients much better by talking to them.

  1. Helps grow your Business Reach

Telemarketing allows you to expand your business. It allows you to reach customers at a distance and helps sell your products from a distance, far away from your business location. Thus, increasing not only your sales but also enabling you to reach more prospects.

  1. Informs you about your services

Telemarketing helps you learn about your services by giving you instant feedback from your customers on their particular interests in your products or services.

Helps you discover more about the experience of a client with your brand. This feedback obtained in the form of comments and suggestions can help you build a strong relationship with them.

It also allows you to work on the areas of improvement of your products and services based on the feedback you got. Thus, putting you ahead of the competition.

Disadvantages of Telemarketing

Well, there are many benefits of Telemarketing which we have already learned, Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of incorporating Telemarketing services.

  • No Guarantee: People listed do not assure you whether they are going to accept a telemarketer’s call or the products the telemarketer is promoting.
  • Scam assumption: Many customers assume telemarketing offers to be a scam, especially if the person has registered his/her number at the ‘Do Not Call list’.
  • Also, it’s a sad truth that many people dislike telemarketing and avoid telemarketers at all cost.
  • Telemarketing doesn’t involve physical or visual contact with the customer
  • With the advancement of technology, there is a chance that a telemarketer can be blacklisted or screened out.
  • On the other hand, The Government also keeps implementing rules and tougher measures to curb corrupt or untrustworthy telemarketers.
  • Customer lists may be very costly, and not always be clean and opted-in – which can risk your company for breaking the law.
  • Telemarketing if carried out poorly can get a negative image about your business and damage your business reputation.
  • If done nicely, can replace a sales team in the company and could lead to negative perception among its employees.
  • Another major drawback is, if you choose to hire an outside firm for your telemarketing services you will have a lesser control on the process, because the people making calls are not your company employee.


Wrapping up, we can say that telemarketing is overlooked chiefly for lead generation but is highly effective when implemented in the right way.

It’s a skill you can take on to enhance your sales and grow your company. It is not difficult to learn to telemarket. The more you learn and practice, the better you will become.

So, use the best strategies and tools to drive more quality leads.